Barbara Karant
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An interior exists as a result of the relationship between the objects, the architecture and the environment they create and the human being who inhabits within. An interior can be a place for the development of a private or a public identity, depending on its individual personalization. It can be safe, insular, isolating, frightening, unexpected, lonely or comforting. An interior can represent a haven, be communal or even become an inescapable prison.

These rooms are metaphorical spaces. They symbolize, pay homage to, are fanciful, sometimes amusing and all while they articulate concerns and questions. These full-scale three-dimensional interiors were created singularly with the intention of being depicted as two-dimensional images. Nothing remained after the photograph was executed but their image, and their existence as real environments was transitory.

These images were redered using large format transparency film. Photoshop compositing never entered into their execution.