Barbara Karant
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Architecture is about scale, spatial interplay, structure, color, light, transparency, and solidity. It is about dimension and depth, it is a primal element in our culture and existence. The challenge of the depiction of architecture is to be descriptive and illuminating without necessarily being conceptual or abstract. Architectural photography, with its ability to record subtle qualities of space, light, and materials, provides an objective experience, but one that alters dimensionality.

As an architectural photographer I have collaborated with my clients in order to depict accurately the intent of their environments, to portray them in the best and most elucidatory way. The successful communication achieved through this partnership has allowed me to document the architects’ three-dimensional vision in a consummate two-dimensional form. The resulting image is the only form through which most viewers will have the opportunity to experience that environment. The “Architectonic Iterations” series represents an evolution of images taken over the past twenty years, from one function and form to another, an overt mutation of an architectural environment originally documented to advertise, publish, or merely memorialize.

The objective of this series is to take independently vital images, replicate them, and recombine them to generate a new incarnation. They are no longer spatially inert, no longer held to within the confines of the paper surface, the borders of the image frame, or the parameters of the original assignment. The two-dimensional representation is transformed into a volatile image, one that evokes yet another iconography, scale, or vision, sometimes anthropomorphic, sometimes chaotic, sometimes a new architecture unto itself. These constructs are far removed from, yet akin to, the original document, which remains at the core of every image.

The “Architectonic Iterations” series offers a coerced collision of concepts integrating the tectonics of the architecture, absorbing and re-presenting the architects’ creative, scientific, and architectural interpretations while at the same time translating the languages of architecture, of pictorial documentation, of reassemblage into the language of artistic composition. I have dedicated this project to the many talented and imaginative individuals who have placed their trust in my ability to highlight their creativity.