Barbara Karant
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The fluid lines and quiet grace of the retired racing greyhound were the inspiration for this body of work. But these photos have an agenda that goes beyond simply capturing the unassuming elegance of this breed: it is my hope that the work presented will bring about greater public awareness of these dogs and the unique challenges they face after their racing careers have ended.

With the collaboration of several other creative photographers and graphic designers, I began this project in an effort to assist Greyhounds Only, an adoption group based in the metro Chicago area. The images in this body of work now form the basis for the book Greyhounds which was published by Stewart, Tabori and Chang, a division of Harry N. Abrams, Inc. in the fall of 2008. Everyone thus far is committed to the project in an effort to assist in enhancing public awareness for the greyhounds. It is our hope that the spirit of the breed paid homage to in my photographs will ultimately be instrumental in assisting with the adoption efforts of the hundreds of greyhound rescue groups across the country and around the world.