Barbara Karant
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Digital cameras and mass consumerism has allowed everyone to become a “photographer”. The internet has facilitated the rampant dissemination and appropriation of imagery. The need for immediate response generated by our culture has become an impediment for people to see and appreciate what lies in front of them. Our current climate is unprecedented in the continuous filling of time with concepts, images, words, and noise. We are all connected yet disconnected because of our inability to remove ourselves from the pace with which we need to operate and sometimes broadcast our lives.

This project addresses our inability to look critically at the rapidly transforming tapestry of our world. Few pay attention to the critical and frightening changes that surround us whether it is cultural, financial or environmental. It is challenging to set boundaries between the real and the hype of the media even in our personal lives. Urban Focus negotiates what happens in the moment when something comes across our line of vision before it disappears never to be reclaimed, why is it important and should be noticed.